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A real estate licensee is vital to the home buying process and can provide a variety of services in locating property, negotiating the sale and advising the buyer. A real estate agent is generally not qualified to discover defects or evaluate the physical condition of property; however, a real estate agent can assist a buyer in finding qualified inspectors and provide the buyer with documents and other resources containing vital information about a prospective new home.

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Oregon real estate licensees provide valuable services to property owners who wish to sell their property. A licensed real estate professional can provide a variety of services to sellers in addition to listing the property and placing it in a multiple listing service. These services include helping the seller understand their legal obligations, including required disclosures, establishing a fair price, marketing the property, negotiating the sale and helping the seller with contract performance. A real estate licensee is not, however, qualified to discover defects, evaluate the physical condition of property, give legal advice or provide other services beyond the scope of their real estate license.

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